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Schedule of Fees and Costs

The Center believes that mediation should be cost effective.  In consultation with parties and mediators, the Center ensures that fees charged in a MEDIAUTOR-WIPO procedure are appropriate in light of the circumstances of the dispute.
(All amounts are in Euros)

Amount in dispute up to 250.000€

Admission Fee: 30,00€
Administration Fee: 250,00€
Mediator’s Fee: Entre 100€ y 250€ por sesión (*)

Amount in dispute over 250.000€

Admission Fee: 30,00€
Administration Fee: 0,10% of the value of the mediation, up to a maximum fee of 10.000€
Mediator’s Fee: 300€ to 600€ per session or 1.500€ to 3.500€ per day (**)

Issuance of certifications: 30€

(*) The session will have an estimated duration of 60-75 minutes unless the mediator and the parties agree otherwise. The mediator and the parties may initially establish the tentative number of sessions planned.

(**) Indicative rates. 

The value of the mediation is determined by the total value of the amounts claimed.

When the request for mediation cannot establish the amounts claimed or when the dispute concerns issues that are not quantifiable in monetary amounts, the administration fee corresponding to the first tranche (amount up to €250,000) shall be paid initially and shall be subject to adjustment by the Center. The adjustment shall be made by reference to the administration fee determined at the discretion of the Center, after consultation with the parties and the mediator, and by reference to the fee for the second tranche (amount over €250,000), as the most appropriate under the circumstances.

A mediator shall be required to maintain a detailed and accurate record of the work done and the time spent on the mediation. Following the termination of the mediation, a copy of such records shall be provided to the parties and the Center MEDIAUTOR-WIPO, together with the mediator's invoice.

After consulting with the parties and the mediator, the Center MEDIAUTOR-WIPO shall determine the final amount to be paid to the mediator, taking into consideration the hourly or daily rates and other factors such as the complexity of the subject matter of the dispute and of the mediation, the total time spent by the mediator, the diligence of the mediator and the rapidity of the mediation proceedings.

For the purposes of calculating the costs of the mediation, the amount of claims expressed in currencies other than Euros shall be converted if necessary to amounts expressed in Euros on the basis of the official United Nations exchange rate prevailing on the date of payment.

The amount and the currency of the fees of an external neutral appointed pursuant to Article 4(b) of the MEDIAUTOR-WIPO Mediation Rules and the modalities and timing of their payment shall be fixed by the Center MEDIAUTOR-WIPO, after consultation with the external neutral and the parties.

Information regarding payments
Payments can only be made in the following way:
- Payment gateway of the website 
- Bank transfer

No cash or check payments will be accepted. 

Bank charges, transfer fees or other amounts related to the payment made to the Center MEDIAUTOR-WIPO shall be borne by the ordering party.