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MEDIAUTOR is a project developed by INSTITUTO AUTOR since 2020 that seeks to offer a mediation service specialized in conflicts arising in the field of cultural creations, specifically related to intellectual property and cultural industries, as well as in relation to disputes over image rights.

MEDIAUTOR is a non-profit organization, and its main vocation, together with the offer of a highly specialized service, is to be affordable to anyone who needs this service, regardless of their economic situation. MEDIAUTOR's philosophy is to bring to those who need it a level of knowledge and specialization that is traditionally difficult to access for the less wealthy. 

The World Intellectual Property Organization (“WIPO”) is a specialized agency of the United Nations for intellectual property policies, services, information and cooperation. Among its activities is the promotion and implementation of dispute resolution services through ADR methods, administered by the WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center (“WIPO Center”). 

The INSTITUTO AUTOR received in 2007 the status of Permanent Observer of the WIPO, thus institutionalizing its collaboration in the dissemination of intellectual property and in the updating of the international Conventions concerning the protection of copyright. 

The WIPO Center, for its part, offers mediation and arbitration procedures to enable private parties to efficiently resolve national and cross-border commercial disputes. The WIPO Center is international, specializes in intellectual property and technology disputes and has extensive experience in these matters. 

In June 2022, INSTITUTO AUTOR signed a collaboration agreement with WIPO regarding the promotion of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). 

As a result of this agreement, MEDIAUTOR and the WIPO Center have developed Mediation Rules (“the MEDIAUTOR-WIPO Rules”) to resolve national and international intellectual property and related disputes. The mediation procedures are administered jointly by the INSTITUTO AUTOR and the WIPO Center.